Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

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Luminescent drive wrote: Any progress with MXO2 issue?
I would also like to know this!
Especially as Joris wrote:
goto10 wrote:We're aware of the issues some people have with MXO2 mini, and we're in contact with Matrox. To be continued ;-)
(From this topic: ... 05&p=27663)

Is there any progress on MXO2 integration with Resolume on Windows? (Win7 64bit in my case)

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Re: Resolume Avenue 3.1.3 Released

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We've been keeping ourselves busy with Resolume 4 for the past few months, so no progress on the MXO2 front I'm afraid. It's still on the to-do list though.


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