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We're very excited to bring you a guest tutorial on how to use the wonderful Tagtool for iPad as a source in Resolume, using the magic of Syphon.

But before we dive in to the techy goodness, you may be wondering what Tagtool is. I'm glad you asked!

Tagtool is a wonderfully fun application for the iPad, which allows you to unleash your painting skills, and animate and play with the result, all within a simple and intuitive interface. You can even link up multiple iPads via Wifi and draw and play collaboratively. We've had a lot of fun with Tagtool, and we're sure you'll agree.

For more info on Tagtool check out http://www.tagtool.at

Then before I leave you with the tutorial itself, I just wanted to say Tagtool one more time. Tagtool. Now I'm done.

Using Resolume & Tagtool

Workshop at the University of Applied Arts on the 22nd May 2013

This tutorial will guide you to the basic steps of how to setup a Tagtool session within Resolume. We use a Macbook Pro – 2.66 GHz – Intel Core 2 Duo – 4GB Ram (DDR3) connected to one projector and one iPad 4 running the latest Tagtool version.

Download the free trial-version of Air Server (4.6.5) to receive the video signal of the iPad. Configure the software settings>Mirroring and change to optimise for “Projector (1024×768)”. It´s important that Laptop and iPad are connected via the same wireless network.
On the iPad open the Airplay settings and select the laptop as the streaming device.
To finally receive the Tagtool output in Resolume Arena just enable the built-in Syphon module within the Preferences>Video Preferences.
Now fire up your iPad and launch the Tagtool app – the laptop is already getting the desktop screen transmitted. Create a new composition according to the size of the syphon stream – 1024×768. In the very right area select the “sources” tab and left-click the syphon source. Render settings and transform settings are correct – so we simply drag&drop this item into the video layer.
Depending on the WiFi signal strength and the resolution size we had a good performance with 1024×768 – but the laptop was struggling with performance as soon as more video layers or effects were added. The frame rate dropped at 3 layers to 14 fps and we stopped the experiment there.

You will get better performance with project sizes like 640×480, but you will have to crop the video stream of the Tagtool. Anyway! Endless fun ahead!

Thanks to the lovely folks at Tagtool and Neonrost for providing this wonderful app and tutorial. Austria VJ maffia!

Posted by Joris on Monday June 3, 2013 at 14:58 Tags: Syphon * Tagtool
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