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by SergioCaparelli
Tue Jun 11, 2019 21:47
Forum: Hardware
Topic: I need PC build for live feed and almost no delay
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Re: I need PC build for live feed and almost no delay

All capture cards have visible latency, compared to hardware solutions like an Image Pro. Your best bet would be using a Datapath capture card, since they are a little faster than blackmagic. Another option if delay is crucial would be using some kind of matrix and and image pro to switch to the liv...
by SergioCaparelli
Tue Jun 11, 2019 21:29
Forum: Hardware
Topic: Big scale RIG.
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Re: Big scale RIG.

Any news on this topic?? Im looking for a similar setup and this could be useful. :)
The only thing i can tell you about your questions, is that i dont think is possible to use the motherboard output at the same time that the Gpu.
I think having 2 gpus is the only option to that many outputs
by SergioCaparelli
Sat Jun 08, 2019 13:48
Forum: Problems? Bugs? Solutions!
Topic: Playbak jumps between decks
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Playbak jumps between decks

Hello Resolume world! Im relatively new to Arena and im having a little problem i cant quite figure out a workaround. I have a deck with several clips in a layer in autopilot, making a big loop. If mid playback i change to another deck, lets say to arrange something, when the clip playing ends, it j...
by SergioCaparelli
Fri Mar 22, 2019 23:41
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Watchout user in need of some guidance!
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Watchout user in need of some guidance!

Hi everybody! First post here. As the title says I've been working for years mainly as a watchout operator in corporate events, sometimes using up to 10 HD outputs, running multiple H264 videos at once. Here are my questions: 1)How can i accomplish this using Resolume? I really love the interface an...