Touchpad and windows key issue after starting Arena 6

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Touchpad and windows key issue after starting Arena 6

Post by fuzzy »

hi everyone,

I'm experiencing an issue where the Touchpad of my laptop isn't responding as well as the Windows keys not working anymore (Win+D to return to desktop for example). The issue starts exactly 20 seconds after launching Arena and stops again when closing the program.

I'm using Resolume Arena 6.1.5 rev 68469 on Windows 10.0.19042 Build 19042
with a Lenovo Y70 notebook and active internet connection.

I've already tried updating all drivers including graphic card drivers, runnning Arena as administrator, rebooting the computer, executing Windows troubleshooting, creating a new (empty) composition and checking if the license is still there.

Yesterday it was working for a while after updating the graphic card drivers but today the issue is back again.

Any ideas? I appreciate it!

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Re: Touchpad and windows key issue after starting Arena 6

Post by Zoltán »

Hitting Windows + D will hide your outputs, by showing the desktop on all screens. Do you really want that?

Aside that, the key combo works fine for me on a pretty clean windows installation, so it could be a gaming addon which catches that for you. Some of such apps think Resolume is a game, because it sends a similar full screen output to displays. So these apps try to prevent you from 'exiting' your full screen app accidentally before landing the hit.
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