What does FAQ mean?

FAQ is an abbreviation for Frequently Asked Questions.

HELP! I lost my serial number and I have a gig tonight!

Log-in to your account in the shop and you'll see all your orders and your serial number(s).

Oh no! Resolume won't start anymore!

If Resolume worked fine before and now it doesn't, this means something has changed and we need to get it back to how it was.

Go to the Resolume folder in (My) Documents. Move the config.xml file, disconnect any external devices and try to start again. This will force Resolume to start with the default comp and preferences. This should bring things back to normal.

If you're still having trouble, please send your log file to mail@resolume.com

So where do I find these files?

Compositions and config.xml
MAC: /Users/[username]/Documents/Resolume Avenue 4
WIN: C:/Users/[username]My Documents/Resolume Avenue 4

Log files:
MAC: /Users/[username]/Library/Logs/
WIN: C:/Users/[username]/AppData/Roaming/Resolume

The full Screen Output is stuck on the main screen!

This occasionally happens when you go fullscreen on the main display, or if your secondary output gets disconnected. In any case, CTRL-SHIFT-D (CMD-SHIFT-D on a Mac) will always disable all outputs.

Resolume hangs or crashes when I try to go Fullscreen to Display 2!

Are you using a laptop made by MSI or ASUS, by any chance? Then you're in luck, because the solution is really simple.

Both MSI and ASUS install a special sound utility. On shooting games, this utility adds a minimap of where your enemies are based on the sound that they make. In rendering this minimap, it destroys the OpenGL state that prevents Resolume from creating the second output.

You can simply uninstall the utility and Resolume will work fine, with sound and everything.

The utility is called Nahimic on MSI laptops, and Sonic Suite on ASUS laptops.

My display resolutions are too small or even 0x0

This happens when your Windows Desktop Display Scaling factor is set to anything else than 100%. Follow this link for instructions on how to set your Desktop Display Scaling.

If I buy Avenue, will I have to buy Arena for the full price if I find out I need it later on?

No, that would be very unfair of us. Just log in to your account and you can upgrade at no extra cost. You just pay the difference in price.

Why does my recording always stop after -x- amount of time?

This is because you have run out of memory.

When recording, Resolume tries to write the rendered frame immediately. This is done at a very low priority, because you don't want this to interfere with the actual output. Sometimes it gets too busy with lots of effects, clips or pixels. Resolume then stores the rendered frame in memory, and tries to write it later.

At a certain point, when the memory is 90% full, it will stop recording and write the remaining frames in memory. If you want to record longer segments, you could try writing to a faster drive or lowering your resolution.

I have bought a new computer, how do it transfer my license?

You can free up your license yourself by choosing to de-register via the Registration tab of the Preferences. Make sure you are connected to the internet when you do this, so our registration server can process the request correctly.

I'm switching from Mac to PC (or the other way around). Do I need a new serial number?

No problem. You don't need a new serial. It makes no difference to the serial whether you're a Mac fanboy or a PC nerd.

Help! My videos do not play in Resolume.

Resolume is a bit picky about the video and audio files that it plays because not all formats and compression types are suitable for VJ-ing. See the next FAQ on how to prepare your media.

What video format and codec is the best?

If you want (by far) the best performance on Mac and PC you should use our DXV Codec, it's free and if you installed Resolume Avenue or Arena it's already installed on your computer. Check out this video on how to create DXV files using the free and cross platform encoding tool MPEG Streamclip.

We recommend rendering audio to a separate .wav file, no compression, 16 Bit 44.100 kHz PCM data.

See the Preparing Media chapter in the manual for more details, or check this step by step guide for exporting from all major video apps.

The DXV Codec is not visible in the list of codecs.

You need to have Quicktime installed in the default location: C:/Program Files/QuickTime

I converted some videos I downloaded from the web to DXV and now my files are huge! This can't be right!

Don't worry. This is normal.

Without getting too technical, the main purpose of DXV is to be as fast as possible. It handles pixels entirely on the GPU. This way you can play and mix many, many more files at the same time.

This performance boost comes at the expense of larger files, especially at HD resolutions. Luckily, for Resolume, the size of the file makes absolutely no difference.

Web codecs like H264/mp4 are mostly used for linear delivery, often via the internet. So their main purpose is to get filesize as small as possible. This comes at an incredibly large CPU hit during playback. They're fine if you only want to stream one video online, but they're a terrible choice when you are mixing.

What is the best laptop for Resolume?

Check out our user benchmark test to see how well certain hardware performs.

Resolume is a professional application with professional requirements. Getting a cheap bottom-end laptop will cause more headaches than save you money.

PC laptops are currently kicking Mac's ass performance wise. A decently specced PC will do a great job, be prepared to drop at least a €1000,- to secure yourself a decent machine. Things to look for are a good graphic card and good cooling.

On the Mac side of things, the only MacBook Pro we really recommend is the most expensive one with the dedicated graphics card. Of course it all depends on what you want to do with it. Just don't expect running more than 2 HD layers on the 13" models. 

Also keep in mind that any laptop designed to be slim and sleak instead of having decent cooling is going to run very, very hot!

What is the best hard drive for Resolume?


Really? There's nothing better than an SSD?

Yes, there is. Two SSDs in Raid-0.

What is the best video card (GPU) for Resolume?

All video rendering is done with openGL on the video card in Resolume, so you will want to get a good graphic card.

In a laptop you should look for a dedicated GPU that does not share the RAM. A recent card by NVidia or AMD is usually fine. It can be problematic to run Resolume on the integrated Intel graphics processors you find in many (cheap) laptops. If you're thinking of going for one of these, be sure to try before you buy.

Please be aware that most Matrox graphic cards do not support OpenGL. Resolume will only work with the C series cards, not the 8 output cards of the M series.

What?!?! I can't use Matrox cards? What about the Triplehead2Go?

Don't worry. The Matrox TripleHead or DualHead are not graphic cards. They're graphic extenders and they work fine with Resolume.

How many outputs can I use with Resolume?

Resolume does not actually limit the amount of outputs you can use. As long as your system can recognize the individual outputs, you will be able to access them via Resolume.

I want to use -x- outputs with Resolume. What graphic cards should I get?

Resolume will always work best with a single graphic card. We can guarantee Resolume will work with all outputs from a single card.

Although Resolume supports multiple cards, we cannot guarantee that every combination will work without problems. Our forum is full of users that have run Resolume setups with 12 outputs and more, but also with users that had problems getting a certain combination of cards to work.

Your mileage may vary, and we recommend to ask the forum for help planning a setup with more than 6 outputs.

Which graphic card will Resolume use for rendering?

Resolume always renders on the card that has the interface on it. So always make sure this is your most powerful card.

Some people think that because the main output is connected to a certain card, and the main output shows the final result, that's also where the final result is rendered. This is not what happens. In fact it's the opposite!

The moment you have an output on a different card than the one the UI is on, the computer needs to copy the entire end result, and then cut it up and output it. This step is always an extra performance hit, and if you want to squeeze the most performance out of a machine, it should be avoided as much as you can.

Can I get a live camera feed into Resolume?

The most reliable way of getting a live stream into Resolume is to use a capture device. Resolume has native support for BlackMagic capture cards, so these will run with minimal latency (2 or 3 frames), even at high resolutions.

Help! My Blackmagic capture card is not working!

The first thing to check is whether BM's own Desktop Video Utility can correctly see the input. If it does not show up there, you are most likely sending an unsupported video signal. Blackmagic expects broadcast spec signals, and if your source is not sending exactly the correct signal, it might ignore it altogether. Also, keep in mind BM boxes work on 64 bit systems only.

If it does show up in Blackmagic's own software, but not in Resolume, you might need to specify the correct resolution. Resolume does not auto-detect the input source and resolution you are capturing at. So you really need to make sure you select the right option from the drop down. For instance, don't just choose 1080p30 if you are actually sending 1080p29.97 or vice versa.

Only one application at a time can access a Blackmagic device, so, make sure you turn off Blackmagic's software before trying your feed in Resolume.