Live Streaming with Resolume & OBS Studio

Get your stream together boy!

My effects are missing!

Certain effects like Wave Warp and Fragment are gone! Also, all my custom and 3rd party FFGL effects are gone!

Difference between Avenue and Arena

Two Resolumes? What does Avenue do? Do I need Arena? I'm so confused right now!

OSX outputs are overlapping

Resolume thinks that two monitors are the same! What do?

Audio input no worky

Hello? Hello? Is thing on?

Video Conversion with Alley

Conversion made simple

Freeze when enabling output

When I go fullscreen to a second display, Resolume freezes. Whyyyyy?

Lots of Outputs

I want to run Resolume with lots of outputs!

Sync with a DJ

I'm a DJ. Can I use Resolume to sync visuals to my tracks?

Best MIDI Controller

What is the best MIDI controller for Resolume?

Connect GrandMA2

Because who likes dealing with IPs, subnet masks, universes and subnets?

Menus Disappearing?

When I right click on stuff, the menu briefly appears and then disappears right away. What gives?


Why is there a microphone icon in my output monitor?

Reporting a Bug

If you found a bug and know how to reproduce it then please use this template to report it to us and we'll fix it in a jiffy.

NVIDIA Optimus workaround

Does Resolume drop FPS a lot when you send output to an external display from your laptop?

Version 6 doesn't start on latest OSX

Trying to install Arena or Avenue 6, on OSX Monterey or later, but get a crash on startup?

No Output with Docking Station

Black output when screens are connected to a DisplayLink docking station?

Akai APC64

The APC64 is a complicated beast, read this to use it correctly in Avenue & Arena.

Installing & Registering


Download and away we go!


Make your Resolume legit

Online Verification

"E.T. phone home!"

Registering Using a Dongle

Take your Resolume with you where ever you go

Yearly Renewals

All of the good stuff, none of the bad


Quickstart Tutorial

Let's see what this baby can do!

Basic Vocabulary

Je m'appelle Resolume. Tengo 18 años. Îmi plac maimuțele.


The nuts and bolts of Resolume


The key to mixing clips and making your output look good.


What happens in the Group, stays in the Group


Your masterpiece in motion, 60 fps of pure poetry


Decks are like the records in a DJs record bag

Interface Layouts

Pimp my Resolume

Clip Time Panel

Big Time!

Notes Panel




It's what the V in VJ stands for, so I guess it's kind of a big thing


A picture is worth a 1000 words


Generative images and live camera inputs

Live Inputs

Capture the real world into neat and tidy pixels

Syphon & Spout

Virtual video patch cables.

NDI Inputs and Outputs

Send video over a network, at any resolution, including alpha.


Master the art of effect magic


More than meets the eye.

Clip Renderer

Beautiful renders! I call upon thee!


Output Setup

How to set up an output to a secondary display on Mac and Windows

Advanced Output

Going beyond a single screen behind the DJ


Working with Screens in the Advanced Output

Input Selection

Who wants a slice of pie?

Output Transformation

Warp your pie to fit your tummy

DMX Output

LED there be light!

Controlling Resolume


Everything in Resolume is controlled by parameters.

Parameter Animation

Make parameters bounce to the sound or slaves to the beat

Keyboard Shortcuts

Move beyond the mouse

MIDI Shortcuts


DMX Shortcuts

Control Resolume from your desk and finally be the VJ you always wanted to be


If controlling Resolume was a video game boss, OSC would be its final form


The sound of 400 pigs screaming

Sync to Denon DJ Players

Automatically sync up video to the DJ's track using Denon's StageLinQ protocol

Sync to Pioneer DJ Players

Automatically sync up video to the DJ's track using Pro DJ Link.

Best Practices


Were you rushing, or were you dragging?


Everything that matters at a single glance


Fine tune the flow of your parameters

Preparing Media

How to get the most out of your content

Video Conversion with Alley

Conversion made simple

Input Maps

Set up your slices and mappings before you even enter the venue

Edge Blending

Blend the output of two or more projectors together to create one seamless output

Slice Routing

Routing layers and groups to slices is awesome, but use with caution!

Media Manager

Where did all my Beeple clips go?


Resolume is no longer just about doing!


Every time you sample a big budget movie, God kills a Hollywood lawyer

Ableton Link

Sync up and get jamming

Getting started with LED Strips

Getting Started

Want to make go flashy flashy, but don't know where to start? Come right in!

Addressable Pixels

How do LED pixels actually work? What type should you get?

Powering your Pixels

By the power of Grayskull!

Playing Content

But can you play Doom on it?

DIY Pixel Lab

Get down and dirty with Arduino and a soldering iron

Off the Shelf Lab

Get jiggy with the Advatek Pixlite 4


REST API & Webserver

Control Resolume through the power of the internet!


The Preferences give you access to settings that affect the way that Resolume works overall.

Rendering to DXV

Best practices and step by step guides

Tech Specs

The minimum you'll need and what's recommended to get the maximum

Modifiers and Shortcuts

These will simplify your life when working with lots of slices

Fixture Editor

How to create custom fixture personality files

Directory List

What goes where


Get exponential with those fine constants of yours!


Downloading Footage with Alley

Instead of downloading 35 zip files by hand, use Alley instead.

Video Conversion with Alley

Conversion made simple



New Wire! Read all about it!

User Interface

A quick overview of the Wire interface to get you started ASAP

Node Anatomy

What are nodes? How do I make them? Can I eat them?

Data Types

Booleans, Floats, Integers, Strings and Triggers

Arena/Avenue & Wire Integration

Combining Wire and Arena/Avenue into your own personal Megazord

Data Flow

Flow, Flow, Flow your Patch


A Trapezoid walks into a bar....


Learn how to use collections like the boss you are.

Transport Nodes

Patching on the beat


Let's get started


If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man.

Fractal Noise

Bring the noise!

Feedback & Delay

The wheel of the bus go round and round and round and round

Patch Compiling

Compile your your masterpiece into just one file before you share or sell it.

Wire Video Exporter

What once started as a patch, now becomes a full clip


Upgrade your projection mapping game with Wire.


Take your MIDI-game to the next level with Wire's Midi-in and Midi-out nodes.


Wire + Arena + OSC? They might as well just give you the launch codes straight away.


Make your patches go boom! boom! on the beat.

Syphon and Spout

Transmit your visuals.


Interactive Shader Format

Fast Patching

Speed up your turbo