Downloading Footage with Alley

Remember the last time you downloaded your footage?
Clicking links, and then clicking and clicking, then clicking some more?

Downloading a footage pack is just 2 clicks away from you now, with Alley!

Log in to your account, and look for your footage purchases.

Instead of downloading lots of zip packs manually, you can now simply click the Download with Alley link above the regular download links.

If you like clicking, you can also choose to Download the individual files the old way and unzipping them yourself.

Once you click the the Alley link, let the browser open Alley if you're asked. You'll see a dialog like this, where you can select the resolution and format of the footage, and your preferred download location.

Click the Download button, and Alley will start downloading and unzipping your footage automatically.

Once a footage file says it's Done, it's ready to use.
Click on the footage entry to play it in Alley right away.

Hover your mouse over the file, and you'll see a folder icon. Clicking it will make the footage file show up in the OS file browser.