Resolume Dongle

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* Dongle is optional and not required to run any software.
* Version 7.16 and above

Resolume USB Dongle

With this Resolume USB Dongle you have a very flexible way to manage your licenses.

Register your licenses on the dongle once and then insert it into any computer you like and you're fully registered. A dongle does not require online verification after registration so it's perfect for use on computers that are kept offline.

USB Type A & USB-C

Your dongle can be inserted into a regular Type A USB (2.0 or 3.0) port but flip the orange cap off and you can plug it into a USB-C port of your computer. This way it's future proof and compatible with your MacBook Pro.

The Resolume dongle is cross-platform so you can easily switch between Windows and macOS computers. For more details checkout the our full dongle support article.