Registering Using a Dongle

The process is simple.

First, you need a license for Avenue 7, Arena 7, or Wire with version number 7.16 or later. You can get those from our shop. The dongle does not work with version 6, 7.15.x or lower.

Then, you order a Resolume dongle from our shop. You can use the same dongle for Avenue, Arena and Wire.

Once you receive the dongle, plug that bad boy into your computer and start Resolume. Resolume will detect that an empty dongle is present and pop open the Preferences.

Fill out your serial number. Resolume will connect to the Internet one last time. If everything is cool, it will then transfer your license to the dongle.

That's it. 

From this moment forward, you can plug this dongle into any computer running Resolume, and that Resolume will work without a watermark. For ever and ever, as long as the dongle is plugged in. No Internet required.

Permanent and Irrevocable

As always, with great power comes great responsibility. So please pay attention to this next part.

As mentioned during the transfer process, registering your license onto a dongle is permanent and irrevocable.

Let me say that again, because I want to be sure you heard me.


By putting your license on the dongle, you're saying that you don't want us to keep track of which computer your license is used on and you will take care of it yourself. Once you've moved your license onto a dongle, there's no way for you, or for us, to move it back. It will live on your dongle forever.

So when your dongle is lost or stolen, your license is gone along with it. We will have no way of knowing what happened to it, and we cannot replace it.

Think of this way: you've made that piece of plastic be worth hundreds of euros, so take care of it like you would a bottle of Clase Azul Tequila or a 2011 Titanium finish RX-78-2 Gundam.

No Internet Required

Resolume would like to phone home every 30 days. It does this because that makes it easier for you to manage your license and to keep track of which computers it's being used on.

For some people, this is not an option. Maybe you're adamant about keeping your show computer offline because you got burned by a nasty driver update in the past. Other people might be cool with the Internet touching their machines in places, but are working in art spaces where it's not possible to come back for a check up every 30 days.

We understand that you have your reasons and this is why the dongle exists. You can download your license onto a dongle and use the dongle to keep your Resolume registered. No Internet required. 

Well, a little...

But just once. When you register the dongle.

It's not possible to use offline registration to transfer a license onto a dongle. 

If you really really really want to keep your show computer sealed airtight, you can run Resolume on the computer you use for browsing porn I mean sending emails and use that to transfer your license onto the dongle. 

Once transferred, you can then use the dongle on your show computer. Then it's really no more Internet. Forever. Promise.

One Dongle per Computer

A Resolume license for 1 computer can be transferred to one dongle. If you have a license for more computers, you can order a separate dongle for each.

As you know, every Resolume license also comes with a +1 backup. You can read more about that here, but for now it is important to know that you cannot transfer this backup to a second dongle.

The backup is there in case of emergency. It's there for the crazy times when both your computer, your pants and your dog have caught fire, when the inmates have overrun the asylum and the giant ant creatures from outer space have taken control of the government. It's for when your first plan of attack has failed you and you need another way in.

So your primary license can live on your dongle. Your backup stays in the cloud.

Stuff Happens

We're all humans dealing with technology. Knowing humans and knowing technology, one of the two will slip up eventually. Maybe both. Maybe you accidentally format the dongle. Maybe it starts making weird noises and smoke starts coming out of it. In short, stuff may happen. When stuff happens, it's good to know we got your back.

Erase or Format

Should your dongle accidentally get erased or formatted, after you've already transferred the license on to it, don't worry.

First, make sure that the dongle is formatted with MBR partition table, and FAT format, so it will work on both Mac and PC.

Then connect the computer to the Internet and start Resolume. Resolume will recognize the dongle, look up the license that's associated with it and make everything right again. 

After this, your dongle will be good as new and you can live Internet free again.


Should the dongle malfunction within one year of purchase, please send it back to us for a replacement.
Contact us for the best way to send a return.


If the dongle gets damaged by accident or otherwise, making it unusable, in a case not covered under Warranty, you can send it back too. We can then tweak your license so you can order and register a new dongle, without having to buy a new license seat.

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