Resolume Avenue & Arena

Resolume is the industry-leading software for VJ’s around the world.

Arena & Avenue’s intuitive workflow will have you mixing, matching and playing your content in no time. Synchronise to the BPM, animate your playback parameters and create complex effect routings in the blink of an eye.

Live Video Mixing

Resolume puts you in charge. You can play your videos when you want, how you want. Forwards, backwards, scratch and adjust tempo to the beat. Mix and match your visuals quickly and easily and play Resolume like an instrument.

Intuitive Interface

Whatever your style is, Resolume offers you an easy interface to rock it. Use as little or as many videos and effects as you like. The only limit is your computer’s raw power and your imagination.

Audio Visual Playback

Use generators to create visuals on the fly or use external cameras and/or streams – all done in a simple to use drag & drop interface.

Resolume supports NewTek NDI®, Syphon and Spout as external streaming sources. With native support for Blackmagic, AJA and Datapath capture cards you can input and output almost any video source.

Visual Finesse

Work with both audio and video in Resolume to create exciting audiovisual performances, animate pixels, drop beats and get the crowd roaring. Alongside Resolume’s suite of audio and video effects it can also support your own VST-effects.

Audio Analysis

As the cherry on our sonic cake we also support audio analysis through FFT – use FFT to make your clips and effects bounce to the incoming sound source.

All Hands on Deck

Throw your mouse out of the window and use Resolume’s powerful MIDI and OSC mapping tools instead. Get physical with a MIDI-controller or create your own OSC controller.

Take control over Resolume Arena from your lighting desk using DMX and operate both light and video with the flick of a fader, or go the extra mile and use the Resolume API to control Resolume over a network.

Local Club to Main Stage

Allow Resolume to grow with your skillset as you move from VJ’ing club shows to headlining main stages. Whether you are working with a single screen setup or a complicated multi-screen rig, Resolume’s got you covered.

Projection Mapping

Project video on any surface with Resolume Arena. Get your content mapped onto geometrical structures, small stages or entire buildings.

Arena does all the hard work, so you can concentrate on the important part: being creative. Use edge blending to seamlessly project your widescreen content using two or more projectors or wrap around for a full 360 experience.

▴ Projection mapping by Lumine

LED There Be Light

Take your shows beyond video and use Resolume Arena to control lighting fixtures. Resolume Arena allows you to send colors to DMX fixtures, the ultimate solution for getting your visuals and lightning in sync.

Expand Your Toolset

Resolume supports third party plugins, allowing you to add additional functionality to Arena and Avenue. Create your own plugins using Resolume Wire or visit the Juice Bar for some real powerhouse plugins.

▴ Design in Wire Play in Arena or Avenue

▴ Get your plugins from Juicebar

Capture Devices

With native support for Blackmagic, AJA and Datapath capture cards you can input and output almost any video source.

Video over Network

With NewTek NDI® you can send and receive video between computers on the same network. Use any resolution you like, with an alpha channel, in high quality and low latency.


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Resolume Avenue for 1 computer € 299 Euro
Resolume Arena for 1 computer € 799 Euro
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