Resolume Arena 5 Media Server

Arena 5 is the media server edition of Resolume. It takes all of Avenue, and adds video mapping, soft edging, DMX control and SMPTE playback so you can take on the big stage.


Resolume Arena 5 for 1 computer

€ 799.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

Resolume Arena 5 for 2 computers

€ 1399.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

Resolume Arena 5 for 3 computers

€ 1899.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

What You Get

When you buy Resolume you receive a serial number via email. Enter this serial number in the Resolume Preferences and the logo watermark is gone. The same serial works on either Mac or Windows. All minor updates are free.

Try before you buy

Because you receive a serial number by email it is impossible to return this so your payment is not refundable. Download Resolume and try it as long as you like. The only restriction (until you have entered your serial number) is the Resolume logo watermarked on the video output and a robot voice in the audio.

Resolume Avenue 4 VJ Software

Avenue 4 is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. It puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips so you can quickly improvise your live visuals.


Resolume Avenue 4 for 1 computer

€ 299.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

Resolume Avenue 4 for 2 computers

€ 499.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

Resolume Avenue 4 for 3 computers

€ 649.00 Euro (Mac & PC)

Educational license

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