Resolume Arena 7 for Computer

799.00 Euro


Resolume Avenue 7 for Computer

299.00 Euro


What You Get

When you buy Resolume you receive a serial number via email. Enter this serial number in the Resolume Preferences and the logo watermark is gone. The same serial works on either Mac or Windows.

Try before you buy

Download Resolume and try it as long as you like before you decide to buy here. The only restriction (until you have entered your serial number) is the Resolume logo watermarked on the video output and a robot voice in the audio.

Free Updates for 12 Months

Starting with version 7 you receive free updates for 12 months when you buy a Resolume license. After this period you can renew your license to receive updates again. Your last eligible update will always continue working.


Log in to your account to determine your current license, view upgrade prices for multiple computers and choose your appropriate upgrade.

Educational license

Get 50% discount on all software licenses if you are a student, teacher or represent an educational institute. Please fill in this form to apply for educational discount.