My effects are missing!

Yes. We got a bit ahead of ourselves while we were cleaning up old code. Since version 6.1.3, we don't install an extra bit of software on the PC version. We've now found out that this means that all of the FFGL plugins will stop working. 

The problem only occurs on PCs that never had any previous Resolume version installed. Since pretty much all the PCs we touch have many versions of Resolume installed on them, the problem slipped under our radar.

Luckily, the solution is really simple! You can download and install the VS2013 redistributables from Microsoft, and all will be right again with the world.

If that sounds really scary and complicated, you can also install Resolume 6.1.2. You can find all previous versions at the bottom of the download page. You can then even update back to 6.1.3.

For completeness' sake, the missing effects are:

  • VideoWall
  • Tunnel
  • Stripper
  • Ripples
  • RadialBlur
  • Iterate.bundle
  • Kaleidoscope
  • Goo
  • StopMotion
  • WaveWarp
  • Fragment
  • EdgeDetection
  • Shift Glitch
  • Chromakey

Also, custom and 3rd party FFGL plugins can be affected.