Sync with a DJ

Yes, you can use Resolume to sync visuals to your tracks. It's what a lot of DJ Mag top DJs do.

The process takes a lot of preparation though. You can't play random songs, put it in some stock video content, and get a fully synced show. If only it were so easy.

First, you need to have videos for every track that you want to play in your set. These videos need to match exactly to the music. For instance, you could have a video where the lyrics show up at exactly the same time as when they're sung in the music.

Once you have all these videos prepared, you can use several ways to sync them. By far the easiest is to use Denon or Pioneer players and mixers and use Resolume's built-in sync support. If you don't have access to Denon or Pioneer gear, you can use SMPTE instead.