OSC (also known as open sound control) is a networking protocol often used in audio and software applications. It gives you full control over every aspect of Resolume and so the same is true for Wire.

Wire can both read and write OSC. This enables you to get OSC data into your patch. A common use case is to create a custom TouchOSC application on an Ipad or smartphone to control your patch, source or effect.

Writing OSC enables you to get data out of your patch into other applications. Let's say you want to send the luminescence of your output to Ableton where it will modulate a filter. OSC Write is the node for you.

How to OSC

To get OSC into Wire simply use the OSC In node and connect it to the Read OSC node. Specify the address and you are off to the races.

To get  OSC out of wire use the Write OSC in conjunction with the OSC Out node.

The amount of parameters can be set in the inspector

OSC preferences

Under the Wire tab you will find the preferences (shortcut: CRTL and the comma key).

Here you will find your OSC preferences.

Here you can monitor the incoming OSC data. Before you start working with OSC, make sure that OSC Input is enabled and that you are on the same network and port as the device sending OSC to Wire. The same is true for sending OSC out.

Toggling Use Bundles packs all your messages together and sends them in one big bundle. Most OSC applications don't really care whether you send bundles or not, but some will prefer having it on or off.

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