Basic Vocabulary

Let's get some basic Resolume terminology out of the way. This way we can understand each other better when we get into the nitty gritty of how Resolume works. Don't worry, I promise I'll keep it simple.


A Clip can consist of a video file or a still image, an audio file, or a combination of those. It could also contain a Source, like a live camera input. The clip also has many settings that change how the clip is played and how it looks and sounds.


Each clip sits in a specific Layer. Only one clip from each layer can play at a time. Layers can be blended together to create the final output.


Layers can be combined into Groups. Groups are little sub compositions, where multiple layers are composited together and can be controlled with a single fader. 

Groups are available on Arena only.


A Composition is a complete Resolume setup with sets of clips, assigned effects, parameter settings and control shortcuts. Switching compositions takes some time, so you’ll want to prepare a complete performance as a single composition.


The clips in a composition are divided into Decks for easy access to the clips that you want, when you want them. Switching decks is quick and does not interrupt playback, so you can switch between decks while performing.


Effects can be added to the whole composition, a specific layer, a specific group, or a single clip. They change how the output looks or sounds. They're lots of fun and when used wisely, they can be your greatest asset.


Parameters are used to control everything in Resolume. Everything that can be adjusted, is adjusted with parameters. 

A clip has several parameters like playback speed and playback direction, a layer has parameters like scale and blend mode, and effects can have loads of different parameters. 

You use parameters to fine tune your composition.


MIDI, OSC and keyboard shortcuts can be assigned to all the parameters in the interface, so you don't have to use your mouse to control everything.

See, that wasn't so scary.

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