Freeze when enabling output

Windowed output will work fine, but going Fullscreen > Display 2 or using the Advanced Output will cause Resolume to completely freeze. Double you tee eff, man?

TL;DR uninstall Sonic Suite, Nahimic, or DTS Sound Unbound.

Let me guess, you are running an ASUS or MSI laptop, right? 

This freeze is caused by a small sound utility. It's called Sonic Suite or DTS Sound Unbound on ASUS and Nahimic on MSI.

You can read more about them here and here, but essentially, these applications are meant to enhance your gaming experience when pew-pewing the baddies in shooty shooty games. They do this by messing with the OpenGL window of the shooty shooty game. This causes mayhem with an application that uses OpenGL but doesn't rely on shooting things at all, like Resolume.

You can safely uninstall or disable these applications. Uninstalling them doesn't affect Resolume's sound output at all or your computer's sound output in general.