The record function records the composition output to disk and immediately imports this movie into Resolume as a new clip when you stop recording. All this is done without interrupting the video output.

Before you start recording, you need to go to the General tab of the Preferences window and select the folder that you would like recorded files to be stored in and whether you would like to record video, audio or both.

By default the files are stored in Documents/Resolume Avenue 6/Recorded

To start recording press the 'Record' button on the toolbar. To stop recording press it again. 

That was pretty simple huh? The movie you just recorded is saved to disk and inserted in the first empty clip on the bottom layer so you can directly use it again in your mix.

Note that recording does not interrupt your mixing or the video output so go ahead and go crazy on the effects and layers while you are recording.

The recorded video files are Quicktime with the Photo Jpeg codec at 100% quality. The audio files are in uncompressed WAV format.

Note that the record function is not intended as a full fledged video production tool. Instead it is meant to quickly record and then play back a content that has a few effects or modulations applied, so that for instance you do not have to continuously keep moving a fader to achieve a certain look.

If recording suddenly stops, this is because you have run out of memory. When recording, Resolume tries to write the rendered frame immediately. This is done at a very low priority, because you don't want this to interfere with the actual output.  So when it's too busy (lots of effects/clips/pixels), it stores the rendered frame in memory, and tries to write it later. At a certain point, when the memory is 90% full, it will stop recording and write the remaining frames in memory.

If you want to record longer segments, you will either have to write to a faster drive or lower your resolution.

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