Processor activity

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Processor activity

Post by vanderzee »

Laptop Specs: Pentium P4 3.2ghz dual processor, 1gb ram, 60gb 7200rpm hard drive, Mobility Raedon 9600 video card with 128mb ram.

When R3 is running my windows Task Manager shows the processor activity at 35% to 50% and the mouse movement is not smooth, even when I am not running any clips. I do not have anti virus or any other applications running. Is this normal :?: Thanks.

Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Processor activity

Post by Culturecide »

hmm... my only guess is the 1 GB ram could be too low, maybe bump it up to 2GB and see if that helps?

is there a lot of hard drive activity? is the mouse the only thing that's not smooth"? how bout the clips, are the effects / transitions smooth?

also, are you running XP? Vista is not very good for optimized performance in my experience.

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