Resolume moving head DMX control

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Resolume moving head DMX control

Post by Andrew92 »

Hi guys, Im about to start a new project with Resolume.
I will be using 3 projectors edge blended.
Also client needs to control a couple of DMX moving heads to act as a follow spot for the same installation.
I was thinking of triggering both resolume and another software " such as Sunlite suite" with the same Midi command.

Is there any other way of doing things?


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Re: Resolume moving head DMX control

Post by elgarf »

I personally trigger Resolume by OSC, and Sunlite by MIDI, because by some reason MIDI trigger works only in one app at the same time for me.

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Re: Resolume moving head DMX control

Post by DayVeeJay »

It's a much better idea in the long run to control lights and resolume from your lighting application. It's way easier to make changes down the line

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