Text Animator Countdowns

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Text Animator Countdowns

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I spent a bunch of time playing with the text animator and shaper effects to make some countdown timers and some animation.

Heres what I came up with:
Countdown Timers.jpg
Also Attached Composition:
Layer 4: 5 Min countdown timer starting at first clip. Flashes red every 1 minute.
Layer 3: 25s Countdown Timer with in and out animations, starting from first clip.
Countdown Timers.avc
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I had problems keeping multiple timeline clips in sync and so for each timer there is only 1 clip active at once so only 1 timeline is running at once.

Could be good as a way of doing a NYE countdown using resolume only for the last XX seconds.

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Re: Text Animator Countdowns

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Thanks for sharing.

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