Selling Desktop

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Selling Desktop

Post by rawdesigns » Thu Jan 03, 2019 03:59

Tired of the full tower desktop and want to switch to a small form factor. firm $2000 but comes with lots of extras. send me a pm if you want to see pics/benchmarks. hardware below

2 Gigabyte gtx 980ti G1 (6gb)
= $789

Intel i7-6800k (3.4GHz 6-core)

Asus x99-a 2 motherboard

Corsair ax1200i PSU

Corsair h100i cpu water cooler (240mm)

Samsung 4K monitor
$370 value - free

Razer mamba mouse
$69 value - free

Razer dethstalker keyboard
$118 value - free

500GB Samsung evo SSD
$147 value - free


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