LED Pixel lighting

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LED Pixel lighting

Post by Sweaty Lights » Sat Jun 01, 2019 01:29


I'm new to resolume. I am a facility owner and I'm trying to expand my vocabulary and understanding so I can further communicate with my programmer what I'd like to achieve. I'd also like to be able to make changes myself when appropriate.

We are using Resolume Arena. I have a fixed install of six vertical lines and multiple rows or arcs that intersect. It kind of looks like a spider web on the ceiling of my facility.

Right now all the "videos" play as I would expect them to on resolume. They transfer the video into LED pixel movement.

My main question at the moment is, how do I get the LED pixel lighting to look the way pixel lighting looks when it's not being controlled in resolume. In other words, I think they use terms like:

7 color horse race
7 colors circle horse race
color chase
color trail

In other words, i have such advanced functionality with resolume, I'm not sure how to access the very basic functions of LED Pixel lights without the "videos"

Am I making sense? Any ideas that might help me access that functionality?

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Re: LED Pixel lighting

Post by He2neg » Sun Jun 02, 2019 16:05

Resolume allways "translate" Video Pixels into Artnet / LED Pixels... so when you set your fixtures in the advanced output you can decide how big the area and were the area is, that is transformed into the pixels....( its usefull to place them in the way they physical are placed inside your venue/club / show...)

when you just want to have (i.e.) a white line runing top to bottom of your pixels then you need a video runing a white line from top to bottom....

when you want to flash them in different colors you ll need a video flashing in different colors...

Most of the simple stuff can be achived with using the resolume sources (lines, solid color, stroge, gradient etc.... and maybe some efects as well... rgb delay, trails, strobe,....

thats maybe the first step to get you on the riight path but i´m sure you ll have some more questions ;) go for it
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