Starting out and need advice

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Starting out and need advice

Post by divisionmonarchy » Mon Aug 05, 2019 01:54

Hello, I’ve decided that I would like to add VJing to my music performances with Ableton. I need advice on where to start. Resolume seems like the standard of VJ software and I would like to use a projector, but what else do I need? I have MIDI controllers already, but are there some which are preferable for VJing? What is a good quality but not too pricey projector that you would recommend for a small club or stage backdrop? I’m basically trying to figure out everything I need to get started with this new direction. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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Re: Starting out and need advice

Post by Yuckfou157 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 14:59

Hi, as no one yet has written anything let me give you a little heads up, where to start? By thinking about what you want to show during your performance, once you figured that out you can search for the appropriate content ( quickstart: ) that reflects that, or if you want to have an unique show, you can fire up Cinema4D or After Effects (or both) and create your own content. Also it's possible to use the generative sources from Resolume to create live music triggered visuals, but that is a lengthy process involving multiple parameters and a creative insight to what you wanna do, but it is possible. For some awesome people creating awesome stuff you can read this one; viewtopic.php?f=11&t=10134

Now you have an hour live music and enough content to go along? Step two....
Needed, a hefty laptop or PC with a discrete graphics card as Resolume needs a decent GPU, all your clips converted to DXV3 (use Resolume's Alley software to do this) and some form of controller, there's people doing it with a mouse and keyboard, but the majority uses a separate midicontroller with the Akai APC40 II as the most used one, you can map the controller in Resolume to your likings, depending on the number of layers, clips and FX you want to use and you're good to go, that is, if you're not playing the music live.

If you that, you have an extra challenge and that's coupling and syncing your Resolume machine to your music/Ableton rig, and for me the explanation stops here as I don't do that, but others probably can helpo you with this. :mrgreen: Razer Blade - MBP - Arena 7 - Arena 6 - Chaser - Showkontrol Live - Stageflow - APC40MKII - Novation Launchcontrol XL - Icon Nano

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