Undocking Main Clip Selection Area

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Undocking Main Clip Selection Area

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I am giving up using OSC and my Tablet to control Resolume. Took me years already on research for the proper solution and no matter what I allways end up with some freezing after some minutes. My final guess is to blame the APP.

Still, I found a cool new way to use the Tablet: as a second monitor! So, Resolume's output is the third one.
What for? To have a touch selection device to control Resolume.
Resolume's gui obviously gets very small for touch control when on Tablet's display, but the clip's thumbs. Those are great!!!
So I managed to adjust the gui layout in a way I can push the main clip area to the second display and it works beautifully. Working along with some minimalist midi controller, it should provide a cool solution to control Resolume.
Anyway, it would be much better if I could simply undock/detach the Clips Selection Area free as other panels are. It would be easier to position it alone in the second display area using most of the display by itself.



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Re: Undocking Main Clip Selection Area

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This I like !

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