Selfmade led screen & Resolume

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Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by jorispk »

Hii all,

I'm busy with a little project that needs a specific kind of resolution and spread of LED's and I could not find any existing LED pixel screen to follow my requirements. So now I want to make one myself, but I do not have a lot of experience on this area.

I want to use these LEDs

I really want to use Resolume to control the LEDs but I'm stuck with the communication from for example Ethernet to the LED screen with these kind of Leds.

Does any one have experience with this, or tried it before?

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by levon »

you will need to make some sort of hardware interface between the computer, and the LED's.

It is not an easy thing to do. if you use a single arduino, the most LED's you will be able to control would be about 64, or if you go for multiplexing LED's , and multiple arduino's you will probably be able to do maybe 256-1024... however some friends tried to do something like this a few years ago, and they had so many problems and were not able to finish it. one of these people had a degree in electronic engineering.

sorry to sound discouraging, but this isnt a simple task of plugging things in, and it working out of the box, it will require quite a bit of programming and hardware knowledge.

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Re: Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by Oaktown »

In order to control LED's you need to be able to send a signal which will typically be DMX over Artnet. At this point, Arena will take a DMX over Artnet signal input but I don't think that there is any way to send a DMX output signal from Resolume. If you are on a Mac, you can send your composition to a software that can map LED's such as MadMapper using Syphon technology. Let's hope that Arena 5 will bring some LED mapping options!

As far as controlling a large number of LED lights, check out the new Enttec Pixelator ( that can control 48 DMX universes (8160 pixels) by using the Plink System (340 RGB LEDs or 1020 DMX channels per Plink port).

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Re: Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by DayVeeJay »

What chips are on that circuit board? Do you know what protocol they use? Once you have this info you can easily find the correct hardware.

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Re: Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by Joris »

For people that are into tinkering with addressable LED strips, but haven't gotten in touch with their inner nerd so much that they're able to program their own SPI microprocessor, there's a few interesting projects from the DIY community.

From an end-user perspective, two of the more well developed ones are PixelPusher from Heroic Robotics or FadeCandy from Adafruit.

Note that neither of these boards are supported directly in Resolume. But we're open to hear your preferences if you have them!

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Re: Selfmade led screen & Resolume

Post by hive8 »

Also have a look at Mapio 2 Pro, looks really great.
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