Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

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Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

Post by Wasko »

Hey all,

I've been on the fence for a while now about the Datapath X4. I've been getting increasingly more work that requires the reliable use of many projectors. I've read the guides, considered the options of multiple GPUs and asked many questions. I know that's not ideal for a number of reasons, as nice an idea it is to plug in a Blackmagic Decklink Quad and run 8 projectors smoothly off my main GPU, it's not that simple.

I can just about build a new show computer that is relatively up to spec for the price of a single Datapath FX4, with just as many outputs (minus 1 if I use a monitor). I can send video over NDI when I need many projectors, and have a new server to use when needed or for backup.

With this thought in mind, what is it about the Datapath FX4 that makes it a more valuable or wise investment? I know that is a circumstantial question, but it seems I can get all that functionality in a brand new computer for nearly the same price. They're just so dang expensive.

Looking for opinions, thanks!

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Re: Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

Post by Empyfree »

Biggest plus for the computer is that it can play content... biggest plus for the Datapath is that it can split one 4K signal into four perfectly synced HD sectors....

Not sure why you’re trying to compare two completely different devices!

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Re: Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

Post by cash4626 »

We built a new system with two matching graphics cards (2xasus 980 strix), and had issues running all the outputs on them, used a matrox triple head (dp edition) as a cheaper alternative and it worked (with the occasional hiccup) grew tired of the stress of it possibly not working and purchased a datapath x4.... In the beginning if we purchased the x4 first, we would have saved money.. ;)

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Re: Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

Post by Oaktown »

I use X4s regularly and never regretted the investment, quite the opposite!

I usually install the X4s on trusses near projector clusters and run 4K fiber optic to them from the server. I can get 3840x2160@30 split and reclocked in (4) 1920x1080@60 or 3840x2400@25 into (4) 1920x1200@60. It’s quick, easy and it’s extremely reliable.

You can also do video walls with bezel management.

These days, with (1) 1080ti and (3) X4/FX4 you can (1) UI and (12) HD/WUXGA outputs without any problems so it’s hard to beat!

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Re: Datapath X4 - In need of convincing

Post by lightbx »

Chiming in to say that after years of low-budget projects, with TripleHeads often swapping displays and losing settings, after I began using the Datapath FX4 I never want to look back.

Simplicity of use, flexibility of custom resolution settings, and (as mentioned) video wall design options are great...but above all, RELIABILITY is what makes it worth it. Think of it as an insurance plan! You may stave off gray hair for a few extra years too.

If you work regularly enough, you will pay yourself back soon enough, and then in recoup in dividends...and also expand the scale for potential future projects.

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