Doepher Pocket Fader

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Post by jesse_ »

What settings on the Pocket Fader do I need set to make it work with Resolume? Any one have one?

The fader says it's transmitting volume data on each channel (1-16) but it isn't selected in Resolume when I go into the MIDI preferences part... Ideas?

:: jesse

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Post by edwin »

what do you mean by, 'it isn't selected'!
Do you mean that the device is not listed in the midi-devices list on the midi-general tab?
Or do you mean that you can't assign the controllers of the pocket fader to functions listed in the midi-controllers list on the midi-notes tab?


Post by jesse_ »

I can't assign controls of the fader to the functions.


Post by iv0_ »

I have the same problem - I do not have my midi command station (PEAVEY PC 1600x) listed in the midi-devices list on the midi-general tab.

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Post by bart »

How do you connect this PEAVEY to your computer? through USB?

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