Remote control of Arena 4.0

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Remote control of Arena 4.0

Post by Jonlee2001 »

Hi all,

This is my first question here - i've been using the demo version of Arena 4.0 for the last few weeks and I'm loving it.

Now to my question:

I'm due to take part in a show at this theatre over the summer ( - apologies if links are not allowed but it's easier to understand my problem if you know the location of the show.

It will involve several projectors/plasma screens built into parts of the set we are going to build which will involve running cabling from the set pieces to my machine running Arena 4.0 - which will probably need to be somewhere down near the stage (i've got some CAT5 extenders on order but even they have distance restrictions) but the ideal control position would be the "control room" positioned halfway up the racked seating.

So - I know you can control Arena 4.0 via DMX, OSC, or Midi but I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what we be the best approach to control the server remotely?

Any ideas/suggestions greatly received,


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Re: Remote control of Arena 4.0

Post by VJair »

good cat 5 vga extenders shouldnt have trouble over that distance, ive certainly seen them run much further.

if you dont want to go for midi / osc / dmx, then another option could be something like win vnc ( dunno if you are pc or mac ) or similar remote desktop software.

personaly i would go for cat 5 / vga as id rather have the computer near to me as its more likely to go wrong than than long cables / cat 5.

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Re: Remote control of Arena 4.0

Post by dirtyjohn_lv »

Wyse PocketCloud works great for remote access. Full desktop access via iOS or Android, works with Win and Mac.

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Re: Remote control of Arena 4.0

Post by footbag »

vga over cat5 works great for me. hdmi over cat5 also is great for running your video over a 100ft. and its way cheaper!!

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Re: Remote control of Arena 4.0

Post by Stickygreen »

like VJair said good VGA - CAT5 will go a long way, cheap ones won't

get something that is self powered, you know plugs into the wall... preferably by a good name brand, Kramer, Extron, or Gefen.

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