iVJ-Pro - iVJing on iPad Made easy (I answer to Q's)

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iVJ-Pro - iVJing on iPad Made easy (I answer to Q's)

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Hey all,

Since we're all iVJ's and looking for some quick easy setups for some VJing, me and a friend tried to figure out how we could do that. What we came up with is to get iVJ'ing on an iPad, it took us over a year to really get where we wanted, we've started over several times trying to figure out what the best way is to get it ready.
So here we are, we made the product and it's finally online..
It's available here -> https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/ivj-pro ... n-mpt=uo=2
The basic idea is:
- Plug in an external screen onto the ipad via HDMI/VGA adapters, kill all apps running to get the maximum memory & performance out of the ipad, load up the iVJ pro app, select the sets you need, then select more in detail which pictures/videos you need, when you get to the main VJ screen, it has 2 layers where you can insert videos/images, you can blend them in on top of your live camera, you can add some filters to the images, but then the fun stuff comes in, you can select the camera, add a filter, we have a bunch of filters in there, we have some which will respond to the beat (if it has a speaker icon, it will react to the sound), we have created some algorithms where you can define using sliders which parameters of which filter will respond to the beat and how hard.. It will decode the sound on the fly and respond to it.
You can turn the feature off and play with the parameters by hand to using all the same setup, all with just 1 screen, our smart app will also push all the content you are creating to the plugged in screen full screen, so you can enjoy making the sets without any hassle!

We would really really really love some feedback from the VJ Community on how to make our app better, if there is interest, I would love to give away some promo codes to so we can make our app even better..

Hope to get some feedback..

Greetings, Thijs

PS: screenshots can also be found on the itunes link

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Make a free version

Post by fruitygreen »

Make a free version.
Some people would like to " try before you buy".

Add a syphon layer and/or support.
Portability is probably your best feature. The newest iPad has more horses behind it, but not everyones gonna go out and get one to run a VJ app. With syphon input you might have hybrid setups.

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Re: iVJ-Pro - iVJing on iPad Made easy (I answer to Q's)

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Hi Thijs, just saw this post, i´m really interested..is it possible to get a promo code?
Thanks in advance ;)
Greetings from Portugal!

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