Bypassing Layers

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Bypassing Layers

Post by pfelberg »

I´d like to know if it is possible to one or more slices ignore a layer content.
Let´s say I have 06 Layers and two Slices. According to the main composition project, Slice01 must display Layer06 content only, while Slice02 must display the entire composition content but the Layer06 content.
Is it possible to accomplish this without just increasing composition size and displacing/moving contents not to overlap each other?

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Re: Bypassing Layers

Post by Anothertom »

Technically it is possible to execute a matrix of layers to outputs, by going through an exact layer to slice mapping where you only have slices for the layers you want in that output and take no slices from the composition. But you will lose any master controls, and the layers will no longer mix properly.

However, there are those on this forum who will rage and fight against using a pure layer to slice mapping, and i would agree, on the basis that you will have a more effective composition and see better performance by laying out your content properly within the composition and taking slices from the composition to each output.

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Re: Bypassing Layers

Post by Joris »

there are those on this forum who will rage and fight against using a pure layer to slice mapping
I would say I eloquently state my cases against it, but I guess that's exactly what all fanatic zealots say about their incoherent rantings.
and i would agree
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