Question about BCF2000 and two Midi controllers at the same time

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Question about BCF2000 and two Midi controllers at the same time

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Hi Dudes,
I have two questions about Midi Controllers in Resolume.
Hope they are not frequently asked and I start to annoy you with that.

1. Is it possible to use two Midi Controllers at the same time in Resolume?
In my case a Behringer BCF2000 and an Akai APC Mini.
If it works, do I have to take care about somethingby setting up them?

2. I can buy a BCF2000 this week for really little money.
Does the motorized faders work with Resolume 5.1.4?
For example:
I have 2 layers and in each layer are the same effects mapped to the same faders.
I work with layer one and fade some effects in.
Then I want to jump to the second, in this moment untouched layer where alle effects actually faded out.
What happens in this moment with the motorized faders?
Are they going to zero beacause they "see" over the midi output the acutally position from layer two effects or keep they the position of layer one?
So can I switch between layers and the faders change the position?

I didn't find the right answer for it here, but maybe I searched not long enough. Sorry for that
If it doesn't work with 5.1.4 can it maybe works with the 6.0.0?
I saw that my APC MINI works much better in version 6.

Hope you can help me :)

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Re: Question about BCF2000 and two Midi controllers at the same time

Post by t13swift »


Yes there is no problem with having multiple midi controllers connected to Resolume. The only issue would be that you would want to make sure that the controls on both are not overlapping - so buttons / faders on 1 controller are not set to the same midi outputs as any buttons on the other controller.

I think there are 2 options for doing what you want for the second thing. 1st is using seperate midi cc (BCF2000 has multiple pages for faders) for each layer. 2nd option which I would recommend is having the same midi cc on the controller but in Resolume using the "layer" focus in Application midi map (this is for 5.1.4, for Res 6 this is alot easier to do). Doing this will mean that if you have midi output also turned on for the BCF2000 selecting the layer you want to change will move all the faders on the controller to the things for that layer.

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