FFGL Empty Plugin example

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FFGL Empty Plugin example

Post by sleepytom »

Does anyone have an example (ideally an xcode project) which makes a FFGL plugin with a couple of parameters? I don't need / want it to do any image processing. I just want an empty plugin i can look at that compiles for 64bit resolume.

(i'm *really* not a C++ developer by any stretch of the imagination, so if anyone is able to help with this i will be super thankful)

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Re: FFGL Empty Plugin example

Post by Arvol »

There are a few floating around on github for MS-VS

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Re: FFGL Empty Plugin example

Post by shimla »

I'm currently using the ffgl repo from Resolume
i suggest downloading gitKraken because you'll need to checkout the ffgl1.5 branch to build for resolume 6.
the current branch is also very handy to checkout tho because it shows how to build a plugin for resolume 7 which uses openGL 4.
good luck

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Re: FFGL Empty Plugin example

Post by Piotrus04 »

Anyone knows how to load a picture from disk via a file path, and load it into a texture.
Or any ffgl filling a texture from cpu generated image ?

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