different pitch led screen

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different pitch led screen

Post by inaumx »

Hi there, i have a question here, how can i create my content for a 3 led screens wall which 2 of it are 1.52 pitch with a 3840x864 resolution and another one who is 4.6 pitch and 1280x352 resolution? My goal is to create a single content who travel around the 3 screens without deform it when it passes from the biggest one to the small and go again to the big one again and go away. my whole canvas is just like the following image.
Thank you very much in advance to all!

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Re: different pitch led screen

Post by cosmowe »

Hi inaumx,
for your content creation you have to know how many pixels you have per physical meter.
..for example... you want to fit your lowres screen to the highres screens.

Because I don't have the dimensions of your led walls... I will guess them..and you have to replace the correct measures in your final calculation.

Orange wing = 18m x 4m
Pink wing = 6,5 m x 1,5m

so..how many pixels your lowres screen needs to fit the highres screen?

18m = 3840px
6,5m = ?

6,5m X 3840px / 18 = 1386,66 px in width

4m = 864px
1,5m = ?

1,5m X 867px / 4m = 324 px in height

In your content creation program your orange wings stay at 3840x864px and your pink wing needs to be 1387x324px

Best wishes
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Re: different pitch led screen

Post by Oaktown »

Check out StageFlow

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