monthly registration check and spare license

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monthly registration check and spare license

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i have 4 resolume working on a local network and everything perfect.
i've connected the computers to internet for the monthly registration check but where can i see if the verification is ok for next month. The resolume were bought by the company i'm working for (ARS-ANIMA), do i need the account informations from that company ?

another thing is that i have a spare computer, how do i manage to register the spare license for that computer if i have to quickly replace the computer.

thank you

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Re: monthly registration check and spare license

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Resolume will let you know after 15 days if the registration check failed.

If you'd like to double check, the registration file should have a recent update date.
You can find the registration.avr file
Mac: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Resolume Arena/registration
< v7.3.0 Windows: C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\Resolume Arena\registration\
> v7.3.0 Windows: C:\ProgramData\Resolume Arena\registration\

To register another computer, you'd need the serial number

If you have that, we can also check for you if the machines can reach the servers properly, drop us a mail to
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