x12 display setup

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x12 display setup

Post by mr_dude »


whats the best way to connect 12 displays ?

pc with 3 gpus ? (4 displays each) ?

i was thinking about RYZEN 7950X cuz it got 28 lanes

and using rtx4070 + 2x 4060 + nvme + 64GB RAM

the problem is that on all boards(that i checked) ,the 3rd pcie slot is 2x
is it a big issue ?

thanks in advance

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Re: x12 display setup

Post by He2neg »

The way is to split the signal after its finished ;) So i.e. you output 1 4k Signal and split it into 4 times 1920x1080....

So you allready got 4 outs... Then it depends what your GPU can handle... or if you may can sacrifice some resolution and 1280x720 is maybe good enough...

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Re: x12 display setup

Post by tijnisfijn »

and https://www.datapath.co.uk/datapath-pro ... apath-fx4/ will definitely be your friend here. You can input one signal and split it into four..

So I would find a way to send out three signals from your PC. (I'm a Mac user so can't really tell you much about that part) And Let those go to three data pets and then you'll have your 12 screens.

Good luck. I hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions, don't be afraid to ask them here or in the slack channel.

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