Timeline playback stopped

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Timeline playback stopped

Post by Jimmerang »

So I've returned to resolume after a long break from VJing and I'm having an issue with a comp that was previously working fine, I had also stress-tested it for over an hr on the laptop I'm using with no issues and 60fps+.

The other night I opened it up and after a while of triggering and scrubbing clips, everything paused, not actually paused, like play is selected but all clips are stopped. If I scrub it I still see the frames so it's not frozen and if I switch to BPM playback it plays. Also, if I create a new comp and put the same clips into it they work as expected.

The only thing that has changed in my setup (below) is that I recently moved the pagefile.sys from my ssd to my hdd data drive to make a bit of space, so I'm wondering if that has caused this since it worked before and stopped after. I've moved it back now (not manually, I did it from win settings)

Arena 5.1.4 (licensed)
Win 10 Pro 64bit
HP zbook G2 15
4th gen i7
16gb Ram
Nvidia quadro k1100m
256ssd & 1tb hdd
akai MPD26

The comp is 60 clips @ 1080 30fps DXV codec but like I said I stress tested this format with effects & 3 layers and it was all fine.

So I will try deleting the config file and maybe reinstalling when I get home, if that doesn't work I will have to rebuild the comp which will be a bit of a pain since there's quite a lot of 'editing' in it due to the nature of the project. I'm mainly interested to know if anyone can confirm that it's the pagefile that's caused it, that would be fine, but if it's just a bug that might happen again, or a hw issue then I need to sort that before taking it live.

Any input appreciated


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Re: Timeline playback stopped

Post by Joris »

Made sure your master speed is not set to 0?

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Re: Timeline playback stopped

Post by Jimmerang »

Thanks, fairly sure I checked that as I have it mapped to a knob, but will look tonight, it could be something like that.. like I say I've had a long break from it and my brain isn't what it was :?

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Re: Timeline playback stopped

Post by Oaktown »

Also, make sure you didn't map a MIDI button to control the global pause button in the Layer Transport Controls because if you're not viewing the Layer Transport Controls that's an easy one to miss.

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Re: Timeline playback stopped

Post by DeadUnit »

I've now got this happening to me!

Anyone find a solution?

BPM mode works fine, Timeline mode is frozen.
Master speed is normal
Layer transport controls aren't stopped

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Re: Timeline playback stopped

Post by Zoltán »

Double check composition, group, and clip speeds in the panels ;)
Also make sure you have a working sound card selected in the audio preferences.
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