Media size for Dome projection

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Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Media size for Dome projection

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Hi there,

Sorry, newbie here.

I have a project where I am producing content to project on a dome. From what I understand. I would work with a square frame size like 1920x1920 to build with. Then when I go to output it I would squeeze it like an anamorphic image. So I output an FHD signal at 1920x1080. So then when the dome is mapped the correct "un-squeeze" would be applied.

Am I getting this correct?

Thank you in advance.


Met Resolume in a bar the other day
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Re: Media size for Dome projection

Post by DomeLover »

Hi Bruce,

It's been a while, hope you figured it out since your post. If not, here are some tips in the Paul Bourke web page:

But normally, Immersive Dome content have a "fisheye" standard format, where the bottom is the front and the top of the image is the back of the dome (of course you can rotate it with Resolume in post production). Standard resolution are 1024x1024 (1k), 2048x2048 (2k), 3072x3072 (3k), 4096x4096 (4k), etc… Once you formatted your work in this format, you can now use "standard way" to project it in a dome. You can use a single projector with a fisheye lens, or send your Resolume output with Spout/Syphon to a dome mapping software like Blendy Dome (Mac) or NestMap (PC). Both have watermarked free demo if you want to try it before purchase.

Blendy Dome:


Hope this help.
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