Fourth choice for shortcuts assigned to a clip: This Layer

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Fourth choice for shortcuts assigned to a clip: This Layer

Post by NxKmn » Sun Mar 10, 2019 14:29

Currently there are three choices for a shortcut to a clip.

- By position: The shortcut remains in its place, even if the order of the Layers is changed.

- This Clip : The shortcut is assigned to the CLIP. If the clip changes places, the shortcut remains assigned. If the clip is deleted, the shortcut is removed with.

- Selected Layer: The same shortcut is used for several Layers. According to the selected layer.

During my Mix, I often add adjustment Layers. That I sometimes change places.
I regularly move the Clips as well.
None of the proposed Types of shortcuts suit me.

By position: If I add a Layer between two Layers, the clip shortcuts are assigned to the clips of that Layer. When I don't want to.

This clip: If I move a clip, the shortcut moves with it.

I want shortcuts to be assigned to the Layer:
If I add a layer, or if I move one of them, the Shortcuts remain assigned to the same box.
If I change the clip, move it, or delete it, the shortcut is always assigned to the same box.

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