opinions on a pay to view platform for festival/party vj's

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opinions on a pay to view platform for festival/party vj's

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Just putting this out there as I have totally overthought/analyized this as a project and am starting to go round in circles....!

basic idea : A FESTIVAL tv website/portal - something like a vimeo subscription based platform.

1. Content curation - live streams audio & video, pre recorded gigs, by currently active VJ's whom submit their content to the platform in question Whether that be during or soon after a gig.

2. Viewers ( people online) at time of gig whom cant go but want to watch the proceedings -they pay a small fee for a live feed from their party of choice/available.

3. Clients ( the Festival/Event/Party) pay a small fee to have their event live streamed or post produced and shown on the website as well as re-streamed to multiple social media- this fee can then be charged by the VJ for their added service, and brings in a nice extra income to the VJ


Anyone had thoughts on a similar wavelength?

trying to construct a viable model of this as above - for the VJ is paid directly by how many views they receive on the website portal with their content plus they can charge ( if want to their event client).

probably loads of people already thought about this - but i'd be well interested to hear your views and opinions - positive and negative of such an idea.....

much luv


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