Clip crossfade.

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Clip crossfade.

Post by borez »

I apologise if this feature exists already ( I'm new to Resolume and it doesn't seem to have it ) but I'd like to be able to crossfade the end of a clip so it kinda dissolves back into itself at the end of its loop cycle.

I'm creating some particle plasma spheres in C4D/Aftereffects and obviously it's impossible to get a perfect video loop due to the nature of the emitter so a feature like this would make for smooth loops in Resolume on playback.

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Re: Clip crossfade.

Post by Zoltán »

Ticket #1693 in the features bucket ;)
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Re: Clip crossfade.

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Re: Clip crossfade.

Post by DHoude »

It would be cool if it was just a specific "feature". But I feel like you have more control using fade envelopes on the Opacity slider. Which is discussed on this thread.

viewtopic.php?f=6&t=17876&p=74013&hilit ... oop#p74013

Only downside right now is it has to fade to down and then back. That is where some overlap would be handy. So yes, it is not a true "cross fade" yet, but very close.

A handy tip is that you don't have to go down to 0% opacity, so its really not too bad the way it is.
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