New Music Video Made “Live” in Arena

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New Music Video Made “Live” in Arena

Post by willcopps » Tue Jul 30, 2019 11:36

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Thought I’d share—our band Wall of Trophies is an A/V outfit (all our live shows are synced/FFT/controller-driven music and video using Resolume and Ableton). We have adopted the practice of recording our music videos “live” in Resolume and capturing the direct outputs using a Blackmagic Hyperdeck—just like the music, the video is a performance in a studio that we practice and play over and over until we get the right take that captures the right transitions and moments and mood.

It’s a wonderful creative process. Each pass-through is like being in an old recording studio with an instrument and printing to tape. In the video medium—where I usually find myself overediting and manipulating things to the point of the video becoming sterile—Resolume keeps our music videos and creative process fresh.

Would love to see if others have attempted doing anything similar! 8-)

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