Deck Scroller Bar

"Where is Feature X? I need Feature X! How can you not have Feature X?"
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Deck Scroller Bar

Post by pfelberg » Mon Aug 12, 2019 16:42

We can scroll clips and collums within a deck using a horizontal scroll bar.
We can select decks within a composition using the side arrow buttons available on lef and right side of the loaded decks bar.
So, I wish I could easily a and fast move through all decks available within the compositon, by using some scroll function. By scrolling, I realize that I would just display the deck name, Then click to sellect, open it.

Is it going to steal important pixels from the gui? Make it hiddeable (does this word even exist?)

Please, make it happen ; )

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Re: Deck Scoller Bar

Post by Zoltán » Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:24

We've been talking about some options here: ... 1&start=10 feel free to chime in ;)
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