Resolume to Capture -> NDI or CITP

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Resolume to Capture -> NDI or CITP

Post by Kristey17 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 12:02

Hi averyone.

I try connect the resolume arena to Capture.
My network its ok and I can see the video servers in Capture (Media Tab).

Im test with:
  • CITP: Arena -> Syphon -> CITP Tools -> Capture
    NDI: Arena -> NDI -> Capture
My problems start with the resolution.
My composition in resolume have 1280x720, my virtual screens in Resolume have de same resolution 1280x720.

However the resolutions I see in Capture are completely different:
  • CITP: 640x480
    NDI: 640x360
I can understand why the resolutions are diferents.

In CITP changing the resolution in Resolume is indifferent, what I see in Capture is always 640 x 480
In NDI any resolution below 640 x 360 is accepted and Capture adapts automatically.

Anyone can help me please?

Thank you so much


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Re: Resolume to Capture -> NDI or CITP

Post by Zoltán » Mon Oct 07, 2019 11:32

Does your Capture software support input/CITP image size larger than 640 x 360?
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