Control via OSC sneds a "X" for empty slots

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Control via OSC sneds a "X" for empty slots

Post by Louis »

My Resolume is connect via OSC to an ETC EOS Desk.
All works fine, but,...

I send from EOS the OSC Command:
Shure special for every Video, means /composition/layers/1/clips/2/connect,..... for next videos.
The videos are all Textblocks.
With In or Outfades.
They work all fine.
But do i press GO at EOS and i send NOT an OSC Command to Resolume, the "X" for "clean up Layer" get "highlight".
The knob goes green.
This green knob stand as long as until the next video must start.
Only and ever if i press GO with no OSC Command.
Same show i send same time from EOS via MSC to Qlab/Ableton.

If i walk "pure" thru the Resolume Show -means only on the Resolume MAC- via left-right arrows on MAC i get not the green X Knob.
Do i miss some?
Have i program "bullshit"???
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Re: Control via OSC sneds a "X" for empty slots

Post by Zoltán »

What does Resolume receive if you check the OSC inspector?
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