Computer Chasis for Resolume

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Computer Chasis for Resolume

Post by Tecno` »

Having built a computer a few years back for Resolume usage, it is time to upgrade....

I have used a 19" 4U case before but our situation is fairly unique, where the computer sits in a larger rack for bigger events but we take just the computer out weekly to do smaller events and put it in the back of a car.

You may suggest getting a laptop but the amount of outputs and hardware we are using would be a nightmare, very expensive with a lot of additional boxes.

At the moment I am looking at tower cases with handles that can sit on its side in the rack but be pulled out, put in a car and easily carried for smaller events.

This is one option: ... se-w-o-psu

Or another possibility is modifying an empty G5 case but that is fairly time consuming... (don't suggest I just get a Mac...)

Another option is to cut a flight-case handle into the top of a standard box but the metal would need to be fairly solid to take it.

Anyone got any suggestions? The external height would need to be under 20 inches and be able to house a full ATX motherboard and large graphics cards...



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Re: Computer Chasis for Resolume

Post by VJair »

id go for the rackmount housing rather than a standard desktop case - i find them to be more durable when being moved around a lot and they generaly come with handles which makes moving them on thier own much easier.

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Re: Computer Chasis for Resolume

Post by Stickygreen »

stick with the rack mount case, the gaming stuff is crap for quality. If you get a 4u road case then when you remove your computer from the big rack, then just put it in the smaller road case, and now you've got handles. Just make sure you use a shock mount case, like this : ... Mount-Rack

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