50% Black Friday Discount [SALE ENDED]

The sale has ended and again we're very grateful to welcome so many new people to the Resolume Family. Welcome, and enjoy Resolume everybody! Checkout the free training videos to learn how to get the most out of your shiny new Resolume.

Alright, it’s that time of the year again. The Traditional Resolume 50% Black Friday Discount. Ooh and pumpkin pie, turkey, cheese grits, brussels sprouts and gravy if you’re from the USA.

This weekend we offer 50% discount on our software, footage and even our t-shirts, so you’ll have something nice to wear to your next gig. The discount also applies to upgrades and educational licenses and it ends after Cyber Monday. Remember that this is the only sale we ever do so get it while it’s cheap. Shop Now!

So about that thanksgiving dinner. If you’d like to perfect your gravy then checkout this recipe from Jamie Oliver. That looks delicious :-)

Posted by bart on Friday November 23, 2018 at 10:38
Comment from Joris:

And, as usual, you have questions, so we have answers.

How do I get the discount? Do you have a coupon code for me?

Everything in the shop is 50% off, so there are no coupon codes. Just add something to your cart and it will be half price.

Is the discount on everything? Does that everything include educational licenses / upgrades / footage / t-shirts?

Yes. Everything means everything.

So when I'm a student, I get 50% Black Friday discount AND my educational discount?

Yes. Everything means everything.

Does 50% off the 50% edu discount mean it's free?

No. That's not how math works.

Till when does the discount go on?

It's a Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount. Everything is 50% off this whole Friday, the whole weekend and the whole Monday. America, pay attention! We're in Europe, so we end the sale at Tuesday morning, 10:00 CET.

Something went wrong during my order and now I'm afraid I'm going to miss the discount. Help!

Relax. Just send us an email to let us know what happened and we'll get you sorted. Even if you don't receive a reply right away, don't worry. We've got you covered.

How do I upgrade my existing license?

You can see all your upgrade options and discounts by logging into your account: https://resolume.com/shop/account.php

I want to upgrade my old license, but it doesn't show in my account! Help! I don't want to miss the discount!

Relax. Send us a mail with the license number and we'll get you sorted.

I just bought something x hours/days/weeks ago, and now you have a discount. That's not fair and I'm so angry!

Yes, that sucks. Unfortunately that will always be the problem when doing discount deals like this. If you think we've treated you unfairly in any way, just drop us a mail and we'll work something out.

And for the Tuesday morning crowd:

Oh no, I missed the discount! Can you extend it, just for me, please?


Pretty please?

The physical appearance of the please makes no difference.

Comment from Joris:

Just realised this was my 5000th post on this forum...


Comment from freaher:

Ok.. upgraded !


Comment from DataPhreak:

Hah! Nipples.

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