Another MSI laptop with issues :/

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Re: Another MSI laptop with issues :/

Post by Grimm90 » Mon Jan 14, 2019 15:30

Just for update , I am currently running windows 10 x64 , with latest updates & latest nvidia drivers , and with updated resolume arena 6 . This has been working fine since octobre , i have run over 15 shows now with this setup and never had the optimus issue again.

On average running compositions with 15 - 20 layers = 3x full hd content , 3x generative content , routers & fx stacks & strobe layers and all that to 3x 1080p projectors at 30fps steady
Only thing is they get hot , cpu & gpu at 90-90°C even on extra coolpad with cooler booster on, is that too hot ?

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