Download Avenue 4

Version 4.1.11 for Windows

Minimum system requirements

Windows 8, Windows 7, XP, Vista: ATI Radeon 9600 or later. NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 or later. 2GB RAM.

Mac OS X 10.5 or later: Intel processor. Quartz Extreme compatible graphics card. 2GB RAM.

Other Versions

You can safely install all different Resolume versions because they all get installed in different folders.
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_11_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_11_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_11_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_11_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_10_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_10_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_10_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_10_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_9_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_9_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_9_Installer.dmg (527 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_9_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_8_Installer.dmg (525 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_8_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_8_Installer.dmg (525 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_8_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_7_Installer.dmg (523 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_7_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_7_Installer.dmg (523 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_7_Installer.exe (405 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_6_Installer.dmg (484 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_6_Installer.exe (404 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_6_Installer.dmg (484 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_6_Installer.exe (404 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_4_Installer.dmg (484 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_4_Installer.exe (404 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_5_Installer.dmg (484 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_5_Installer.exe (404 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_3_Installer.dmg (482 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_3_Installer.exe (402 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_3_Installer.dmg (482 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_3_Installer.exe (402 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_2_Installer.dmg (482 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_1_2_Installer.exe (402 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_2_Installer.dmg (482 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_1_2_Installer.exe (402 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_4_0_1_Installer.dmg (448 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Avenue_4_0_1_Installer.exe (389 MB Windows)
Resolume_Arena_4_0_1_Installer.dmg (448 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_Arena_4_0_1_Installer.exe (389 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_3_3_3_Installer.exe (68 MB Windows)
Resolume_Avenue_3_3_3_Installer.dmg (94 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_DXV_Codec_2_1_1_Installer.dmg (0.1 MB Mac OS X)
Resolume_DXV_Codec_2_1_1_Installer.exe (0.3 MB Windows)
resolume-2-41-installer.exe (42 MB Windows XP Only)
resolume-1-51-installer.exe (1.4 MB Windows XP Only)

Download Arena 4

Version 4.1.11 for Windows

DXV Codec 2.2

The Resolume DXV QuickTime codec is by far the fastest video codec for Avenue and Arena. It let's you work effortlessly with a lot of layers and high resolution video. More info.

The DXV Codec is also included in the Avenue and Arena installers.