FingerPaint by Moederschip

Simple yet innovative, Moederschip have done it again. FingerPaint reinvents digital glitch with a dash of Van Dyck brown.

This set was inspired by the VJ pioneer Len Lye, read more about him and other early abstract film pioneers on the blog

FingerPaint_001 FingerPaint_002 FingerPaint_003 FingerPaint_004 FingerPaint_005 FingerPaint_006 FingerPaint_007 FingerPaint_008 FingerPaint_009 FingerPaint_010 FingerPaint_011 FingerPaint_012 FingerPaint_013 FingerPaint_014 FingerPaint_015 FingerPaint_016 FingerPaint_017 FingerPaint_018 FingerPaint_019 FingerPaint_020 FingerPaint_021 FingerPaint_022 FingerPaint_023 FingerPaint_024 FingerPaint_025 FingerPaint_026 FingerPaint_027 FingerPaint_028 FingerPaint_029 FingerPaint_030 FingerPaint_031 FingerPaint_032 FingerPaint_033

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Go with the flow with these super smooth liquids!

Made by Moederschip

Moederschip (Mothership) is a young graphic design studio from The Netherlands with members known from the video-art collective "The videoword made flesh" and their new project "Phase Alternating Line".


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