BavarianChristmas by Carolina S. Otero

Another day, another sleigh.


Audio by Broken Joe

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BavarianChristmas_01 BavarianChristmas_02 BavarianChristmas_03 BavarianChristmas_04 BavarianChristmas_05 BavarianChristmas_06 BavarianChristmas_07 BavarianChristmas_08 BavarianChristmas_09 BavarianChristmas_10 BavarianChristmas_11 BavarianChristmas_12 BavarianChristmas_13 BavarianChristmas_14 BavarianChristmas_15 BavarianChristmas_16 BavarianChristmas_17 BavarianChristmas_18 BavarianChristmas_19 BavarianChristmas_20 BavarianChristmas_21 BavarianChristmas_22 BavarianChristmas_23 BavarianChristmas_24 BavarianChristmas_25 BavarianChristmas_26 BavarianChristmas_27 BavarianChristmas_28

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Made by Carolina S. Otero

Carol was born on a beautiful and hot summer day in Madrid in 1983.
From a young age she always liked to tinker with the computer and virtual worlds but after a while she also started flirting with the artistic world.
These events materialized in the year of the Lord in 2005, when she began her studies in Fine Arts at the UCM and ended 5 years later at the University of Cuenca. The result was the Image specialization, and of course, the beginning of her career as VJ.

Along with other training (camera operator ENG, Motion Graphics, C4d, After Effects, assistance to film production and a long etc), extensive artistic knowledge and numerous work experiences, she managed to be Director of Contents and VJ of We Party; (International Gay Party) and work as a vj in places like Paris, London, Portugal, Mykonos; advising assemblies in New York, Miami, Mexico and Italy among others. And of course working in Spain, with an operations center in the lively Madrid night, and also entertaining festivals, concerts and other events throughout Spain.

Her interest in stage design according to spatial requirements or the technical rider of the venue has also been part of professional baggage since for her the image is important, but also in the context in which it operates.

She is a person who does not enclose herself in a certain style but likes to collect, abstract, assimilate different references, trying to create a coherent discourse.

As a curious and super hard worker that she is, she will always want to know more and more, collaborate more and more, and above all learn, learn, learn to conquer us, be ecstatic or have fun with her work.

Art and culture for all!


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