BlackTechno by FTVision 4K!

Readymades to mix and match.

And to be played on autopilot.

Audio by Telesonic9000

  • € 69.00
  • € 79.00
  • € 99.00
  • 40 video clips
BlackTechno_01 BlackTechno_02 BlackTechno_03 BlackTechno_04 BlackTechno_05 BlackTechno_06 BlackTechno_07 BlackTechno_08 BlackTechno_09 BlackTechno_10 BlackTechno_11 BlackTechno_12 BlackTechno_13 BlackTechno_14 BlackTechno_15 BlackTechno_16 BlackTechno_17 BlackTechno_18 BlackTechno_19 BlackTechno_20 BlackTechno_21 BlackTechno_22 BlackTechno_23 BlackTechno_24 BlackTechno_25 BlackTechno_26 BlackTechno_27 BlackTechno_28 BlackTechno_29 BlackTechno_30 BlackTechno_31 BlackTechno_32 BlackTechno_33 BlackTechno_34 BlackTechno_35 BlackTechno_36 BlackTechno_37 BlackTechno_38 BlackTechno_39 BlackTechno_40

More 3d & Techno Style


Plug in to the PA and get connected to the sound. Forget about FFT and equalisers, this is the very definition of audio visualisation. These clips go up to 11.

Discube 4K!

Rubik's cube inspired loops.

Pyrite 4K!

This crystal will shield you from negative energy and environmental pollutants.


This pack is just perfection. 80 loops of abstract imagery, yet it has a distinct and recognisable style. Orange and cyan is just the best colour scheme, and the loops have a beautiful sense of depth. The animation is highly rhythmical yet easily mixable.

Made by FTVision

FTVision debuted in 2003 at the iconic Eskulap club, creating visuals for series like Houserka and Tresor. Over the years, he contributed visuals for SQ and summer cycles in castle courtyards. FTVision showcased his talent at major festivals, including Audioriver, Fest, Creamfields, and more.

His visual style, marked by color, movement, and meticulous material selection, evolves through experimentation with techniques like 3D animation and mapping. FTVision's unique approach defies easy description.

He collaborated with audio artists such as Carl Cox, Claptone, Solomun, and many more, contributing his visual expertise to their performances.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.